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30/40 Year Recertification Terms of Service

If the client accepts the offer made by Glarenet to perform the 30/40 Year Building Recertification Inspection of the property, the terms and conditions hereby described are automatically agreed upon.


This Inspection Agreement contains the terms and conditions of the contract between the Client and Glarenet, LLC (the Company).

This Inspection Agreement contains limitations on the scope of the physical inspection, remedies, exclusions, disclaimers, and liability.

The proposal is good for 30 days starting at the date of the quoting email and the inspection should be scheduled within that period. After that, prices might change without previous notice. 

By accepting this proposal through a signature, an email with explicit approval or by oral acceptance, the Client is effectively signing this agreement, with all the terms hereby expressed, and warrants the Company all necessary approvals to conduct the 30/40 Year Building Recertification Inspection of the Property (40 Years Recertification). The Client also warrants that they will read the entire 40 Years Recertification Report  when received and shall promptly call with any questions or concerns they may have regarding the Inspection or the Report.

The proposal covers all or some of the following specialties:

  • Structural

  • Electrical

  • Parking Lot Illumination

80% of the cost for the service is assigned to the physical inspection and notification of issues and it is NON-REFUNDABLE. The rest 20% of the cost covers the report signed and sealed.

Most cities require an Infrared Thermography Inspection as part of the whole recertification process when certain conditions are met. Glarenet Inspections also offers this service. However, the cost of the Thermography Inspection IS NOT INCLUDED in the 40 Year Recertification proposal. If required, another quote with the associated cost of the Infrared Thermography Inspection will be provided separately.

This 40 Years Recertification inspection is being performed for the exclusive use and benefit of the Client, and the whole service, including the written Report, is not to be transferred to, utilized by, or relied upon to any other person or entity without prior written permission of the Company.

If the inspection is performed, the Parties Understood and Agreed as follows:

The Client cannot assign this agreement to any other provider other than the Company without our explicit consent.

The Agreement is enforced for all inspections that were quoted under the same proposal and performed at the same time. This also applies to subsequent inspections or re-inspections derived from the initial inspection.

Payments for the inspection and/or any re-inspections required are to be made as follows, unless explicitly specified otherwise in the quote:

  • An advance payment is required to schedule the inspection. For invoices up to $5,000 on per specialty basis, we require 100% of the payment in advance. For higher amounts, we require a minimum of 80% or $5,000, per specialty, whatever is greater. All payments should be complete before providing a signed and sealed report.

  • Payment could be done through cash, check payable to Glarenet, LLC, or through an electronic payment platform agreed by the parties. The Client will cover any transaction fee in addition to the 40 Years Recertification Inspection price.

  • Once payment has been completed, the Company will issue an invoice covering the total cost of the 40 Years Recertification service as quoted. Fees imposed by the government (county, city, etc.) and transaction fees incurred due to the payment method used and/or other charges not explicitly stated in the quote or proposal, will not be included in the invoice.

  • 80% of the cost for the service is assigned to the physical inspection and notification of issues and it is NON-REFUNDABLE. The rest 20% of the cost covers the report signed and sealed.

This 40 Years Recertification Report is ONLY valid for the conditions existing at the time of the physical inspection of the property.

The following conditions should be met to facilitate the property inspection and reduce the time and costs associated with the service.

  • Clients should provide access to all areas in the building, including the rooftop, and provide OSHA compliant ladders when required.

  • Clients should provide a person to remove furniture and other objects, open room doors, panels doors as well as facilitate access to the roof, ceiling or other spaces when required by the engineer/inspector. Engineers are at the property only to inspect, not to perform any other task.

  • Clients should provide records from Microfilm Section, Property Appraiser, etc., when requested. 

  • The engineer is required to inspect the interior of the electrical panels. The client should provide a person at his/her own risk to remove the covers of the electrical panels at the time of the inspection. An electrical contractor or electrician is the recommended person for that job. In the case that GlareNet Inspections is hired to perform the infrared thermography inspection in the building, the removal of all required covers can be done at the same time of the electrical inspection.

  • If covers for the electrical panels were not removed at the time agreed for the electrical inspection and Glarenet isn’t hired to perform the infrared thermography inspection in the building, we are required to be notified the date and time of the thermography inspection, and a reinspection fee will be charged for the visit. 

  • If a Thermography Inspection for the building is required and Glarenet is not hired for that inspection, the thermographer or company hired for the purpose is responsible for the Thermography Report and his signature should be registered in the document. However, issues arising from the Thermography Report that have to be corrected, could potentially affect the 40 Year Recertification Report and a reinspection might be necessary, with its associated cost for the client.

  • When a thermography report is required as part of the building recertification, normal and thermal photos with appropriate resolution, plus the digital file, should be provided to complete the electrical report.

  • To ensure acceptance by all cities in Miami-Dade and Broward, the Thermography Report should be produced by a Certified Level II or higher thermographer with a license as a Professional Electrical Engineer, Electrical Contractor, or Electrical Inspector, and should be digitally signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer. Glarenet Inspections only guarantees acceptance on Thermographic Reports produced by our company.

  • We only provide digitally signed and sealed PDF reports. In the unusual case that the city does not accept electronic submissions, we would provide printed copies of the 40 Years Recertification Report but the client will be responsible for any additional cost associated with the impression and will also be required to pick up the printout in person.

  • When issues are found during the initial inspection and re-inspections are required, the payment of a new fee for a minimum of 25% of the initial invoice or $600 per specialty, (Structural, Electrical, Parking Lot Illumination), whatever is greater will be cover by the client in advance to scheduling the reinspection. This applies to as many re-inspections as required by the client to clear up all the issues found.

  • Please check that all problems have been corrected before ordering a re-inspection, otherwise, additional fees for subsequent re-inspections might apply. 

Limitations on Time

  • After 60 days from the initial inspection, if an extension letter is needed, a re-inspection will be required, and a re-inspection fee will be charged. 

  • Extensions are only valid for 60 days. 

  • When an application for a permit has been submitted or when a permit has been issued, the validity of the report will be automatically nullified after 180 days of inactivity from the date of application or issuance. 

  • If no process has been submitted or no permit has been issued, the report will be automatically nullified after 180 days from the initial inspection or 90 days from the last re-inspection, whatever is longer. 

  • In no case the report will be valid for more than 360 days after the date of the initial inspection.

  • After the time permitted by our limitations, the report will be automatically nullified, the Engineer will have NO responsibility and NO obligation to reinspect. At the discretion of the Engineer, fees and conditions might be discussed for a "possible" re-inspection or new inspection. If parties do not agree with the fees and conditions, the Client will need to hire other professional.

The Client is responsible for making sure that all problems have been corrected before ordering a reinspection, otherwise, additional fees for subsequent re-inspections might apply.

Local government or other fees, cost, etc., associated with plans, designs, permits, etc., are NOT included in our proposal.

The inspection will be performed in compliance with the minimum inspection guidelines, laws, rules, standards of practice, policies, regulations, codes of the Municipality, County, State of Florida and/or Underwriters, when applicable for the type of inspection and with exceptions; items NOT directly specified in the Report were not inspected and are out of the scope.

The Company DO NOT perform regular Home Inspections. We do NOT strictly follow the State of Florida Home Inspection Standards. At Glarenet, we are NOT Home Inspectors but PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS. The Company could exceed the requirements stated in the minimum inspection guidelines to perform the 40 Year Recertification Inspection or other required inspections.

Findings will be reported according to the specifications in the appropriate form for each type of inspection , 40 Years Recertification Inspection or other.

Photos will be part of the 40 Year Recertification Report if that requirement has been stated in the guidelines or constitute a requirement for evaluation.

The final report or deficiencies report will be provided within 5 business days from the time of the physical inspection completion, unless some research, extra visit or documentation is needed or requested.

The Company is the exclusive author of the 40 Years Recertification Report, which is not to be changed, modified, adjusted, or adapted by the Client or a third party.

The Client(s) listed in the proposal will receive a copy of the 40 Years Recertification Report containing the findings, if any, to evaluate the conditions and plan repairs as needed.

The use of the 40 Years Recertification Report by any unauthorized persons is prohibited.

Inspection reports are only valid for the persons named in the documents and are not valid for construction and/or planning purposes.

Client agrees not to disclose any part of the 40 Years Recertification Report to any other person unless required as part of the actual purpose of the inspection.

The Client agreed to hold the inspectors, agents, and employees harmless for any and all actions/claims arisen due to an improper disclosure of this report to third parties.

This inspection is ONLY limited to readily visible defects.

The inspection is NOT intended to be technically exhaustive.

This inspection does NOT include any destructing test or dismantling.

The Inspector will NOT inspect for any deficiency on elements or areas, which are not exposed to view, are concealed, are inaccessible because of soil, walls, floors, carpets, ceilings, furnishing or in any other fashion, or otherwise difficult to inspect and cannot be visually examined.

As required by the guidelines, the Client will need to provide means of access and personnel required to gain access to inspect the roof, interior of electrical equipment, etc. The engineers performing the physical inspection will not engage in manual tasks.

The Client will provide a person at the time of the inspection, who at his/her own risk, will remove and reinstall the covers of all the electrical panels, switchgears and other electrical equipment being inspected. Hiring a qualified person with the tools to perform these tasks is the responsibility of the Client. Although not required, the hiring of an electrician or electrical contractor is recommended.

When GlareNet Inspection is hired to perform the Infrared Thermography Inspection with the 30/40 Year Building Re-Certification Inspection , the Company will perform the thermographic and electrical inspections simultaneously to minimize the service interruption in the building and the client’s costs.

Any discrepancies or disagreements with the explicitly stated in this agreement should be brought to the Company’s attention and discussed in advance to the acceptance of the proposal.

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